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Improvement! Improvement! Improvement!

I decided to make the leap to the single-length to improve consistency. Tired of going par-double boggie-par- eight! The one swing path for all of your irons makes sense. I am 58 years old and recently switched from a stiff shaft to a regular. After a few trips to the range and a couple of rounds on the course, I couldn't be happier! Hitting the ball with more confidence and the number of "miss hits" has reduced drastically. I can't wait to see what a full season of using the PinHawks will produce. For the price it is worth it. I wish the grooves on the face of the irons were a little more pronounced but again you are not spending $1000. The grips (wrap) are good and delivery was pretty prompt. If you are an average golfer looking to get more consistency--SL may be the answer and the PinHawks may be a good place to start.

Good quality

I am really enjoying playing with these clubs

Better than expected

I am very happy with my order. The clubs are very good quality, got just what I ordered if not better. The sound is awesome when you hit a ball with them. I haven’t noticed that much loss on my distance if any on my drives.

Love these clubs...but

I shot a 79 & 74 my 1st 2 rounds...But my experience with the company that assembled them was lacking...not very communicative


The length was not as long as I anticipated. I plan on ordering another set soon. I sold the set you sent to a buddy who loves them.

Nice driver

Only played a coupled of times since I received my acer driver. So far so good. I had to adjust my tee height higher, but I find myself in the fairway more often and I haven't notice any lost of distance (170-200). Would recommend this club to anyone looking for a change.

Simplicity and back to basics

As a golf coach I’m always preaching consistency and finding your swing you can repeat and this enables me as an aging decent golfer to simplify things and get back to basics. Thanks

Sounds ugly but it works!

Because there is extra weight added inside the club head balance out the club's short length, the club sounds ugly when you hit it. But, if you like the ball staying on the fairway more often, this is a great club and that's what I wanted. I probably lost 15 yards or so of distance but I'm probably hitting three or four more fairways each round then I was without it.

Very Comfortable and Pain Relief

These clubs are improving my game and are consistent. They are very comfortable with the jumbo grips and all the options. I have a one swing approach now and better control. I would highly recommend the Pinkhawk irons.

Single length iron review

I like the single length clubs for the same swing concept. I still think these clubs are still slightly too short for me using your fitting guide. Still having trouble hitting the 9 iron consistently.

Acer XV Thriver Single Length Driver

Website easy to use. On time delivery. Craftsmanship correct. Acer vs. old driver= I lost about 20 yards but targeting has improved.
I am very pleased with this single length driver.

Hitting more fairways

Great driver, really haven't lost any distance, hitting more fairway for sure. Had to adjust the height of my tee, so far all good

New clubs

Still getting used to these clubs especially the 7,8,9 and wedges for the length, I need more golf outings but things are getting better

New clubs

Trying to get use to the one length. The 3 to 6 irons moving along not badly, the 8,9 and wedges still working on it. Haven't been out much this year as well, need more time.

Acer Driver

Great club. Well made and I hit it well.

Acer Driver

Great club and well made. I hit it consistently straight and long for an old guy.

Tremendous value and results

My purchase of single length hybrids (4-sw) has worked out beyond my expectations. I believe a lot of golfers could benefit from these clubs. I have a 73 and 74 with these clubs which perform as advertised especially consistency.

Best investment period

I love the same length irons, fairway woods & driver. IN1ZONE have honestly made me a better and more consistent striker of the ball. I was skeptical at first but same swing plane will definitely help weekend golfers like me. Only thing I did was replace the 4 iron hybrid with a 7 wood and boom...I was hitting them 170 to 190 yard shots with more confidence.

Rate my new clubs

The single length clubs are amazing!!!! Its improved my golf game by 10 strokes for 18! Thank you very much!!!!!

great club

I got the 9 wood, I have hit it several times from the fairway, rough and off the tee. I have gotten great results. Plan to order more woods when they get them in stock.

Excellent purchase. They have dramatically improved my iron game with distance and consistency. I also use a single plane swing which makes every shot very straight. I should have bought them years ago!

Very easy to swing and the distance of each club is as good as my taylormade 5w, honma 7w and callaway 3w so definitely worth the money

This is a great club

Very excited to complete my bag with this 7wood.


I’m a 10 handicap. Just played my first round with these clubs and shot 77 on a tough course, which was my best round ever. Ignore what they say on this website about not buying these if you hit a 6 iron farther than 150 yards. No one hits the center of the face every time. No one. Everyone should play clubs that offer maximum forgiveness—that is, hybrids! It’s true that the wedges will go to high, due to the longer than usual shafts. But that’s no problem. Cut them down. I play 37 inches on 4 through 8 and 34 inches on 9 through AW (plus a bit of lead tape on the 9 through AW to make the swing weight consistent with the others). Buy these. You won’t regret it.

(Dear Pinhawk, please make a set where the 4 through 8 are 37 inches and the 9 through AW are 34 inches. Thanks!)

Have only been able to get out once and I like them a lot made a big gain with long irons