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I purchased the 3 and 5 woods. I'm very impressed by the quality and how well these hit. I think they are well worth the $59 each that I paid. Looking forward to using them on the course!


I've only hit it once at the driving range, but was impressed by the accuracy. Almost every shot was straight. It was hard to determine the distance exactly, so time will tell how it correlates on the course. But impressed that I picked it up and wacked it straight from the start!


Given the great price on these irons, I was worried about the quality. I've only been to the driving range once, but was impressed by the quality. I was hitting them a bit to the right, but I think I will work that out once I get used to them. It was great getting to pick out the shaft and the grip like a custom set up. I look forward to hitting them on the course!

A game changer

The easiest way to explain how these irons changed my golf : two days after receiving them, my wife asked me to comand the same for her.

Just what I was expecting

These clubs look and feel great! Played 2 rounds so far and really like them.

I'm liking my new clubs

I recently bought a full set of single-length clubs including Pinhawk SL irons, 4 HB through SW. With the insight of three range sessions and one round of golf I believe the concept is sound and that I will play more consistent golf with this set. Without the benefit of a launch monitor, my assessment is there are decent gaps between clubs and while the trajectories tend to be higher as you work through the set, I've found that well-struck shots react similarly to my old variable-length irons. I'm moving from a mid-level set of Calloway irons and I'd say the quality and finish of the Pinhawks are comparable. I fit my set with Acer Black graphite shafts and the Karma wrap grips and I'm quite satisfied with my selections. Worth trying for anyone interested in the single-length concept.

Park the ego

As I'm in my early 60s I made the decision to park my ego and exchange my fantasies of hitting big bombs in favor of hopefully finding more fairways, so I am trying out the Acer XV Thriver as part of my new single-length set along with Pinhawk SL fairway metals and irons. I've only hit it during a few range sessions and one round and I'm encouraged by the early results. The 42-inch shaft length takes some getting used to but I am hitting it more consistently in the middle of the face and achieving a good ball flight. I'm definitely hitting it more on target and I can't say that I'm sacrificing much in the way of distance. My previous driver is a 12 year-old Calloway 9-degree and definitely not high-tech. The Acer is also not going to compete with the big brands in terms of tech, but at the price point it seems a good investment to try out the single-length concept. I'm hoping it has some durability. I'll be playing from the white tees and swinging the Acer, and I hope the combination will result in more enjoyable golf in my senior years.

Well worth the investment

Played my first round with it yesterday and was more consistent and longer than with my Taylor Made. Highly recommend!

Pinhawk SL Single Length Irons - Custom Made to Order

Mini Thriver

I took the mini thriver out to the range for the first time today about 80% of the shots stayed inside my markers on either side and was getting between 240-260 yards off the tee, have to admit looking forward to taking it to the golf course tomorrow

Pinhawk SLF Single Length Fairway Woods

I just used this new set of woods for the first time last weekend, and I really like them. The 7&9 woods are great alternates for my 4/5 irons. Look forward to using them some more!

Best way to try single length irons

I started playing golf last year and struggle with the same inconsistencies and occasional shanked balls that all new players struggle with. I heard about single length irons and thought the concept made perfect sense.

I’ve played 4 rounds with them so far. I find that I don’t have as much distance as I had on my Callaway X Hot forgiveness irons and I don’t find the gapping to be quite as much as advertised (mainly in the longer irons) but overall I’m happy with the purchase. The wedges are taking an adjustment but trusting the loft has allowed me to “stick” some greens more than I thought possible for a new player, and lord do they launch high. Single Length Golf had my clubs made in a few weeks, as ordered.

Happy with clubs but delivery service is lacking.

UPS Delivery was to be between 9.00 and 1.00 for which my wife remained home. The clubs arrived about 3.00 by which time my wife had gone out fortunately I had returned. UPS had sent a message "updating" delivery to by end of day. Then I was taxed at a higher level than I initially expected though I UPS did after I requested provide a breakdown of what taxes they charged for. Surely UPS could provide this information before the clubs are ordered and stick to their delivery schedule.

Glad to hear you're happy with the clubs, but sorry about the delivery issue with UPS. Unfortunately that is something which is out of our control. But I can tell you that when they give a delivery time estimate is it just that - an estimate, it is by no means a guarantee. As for the import duty taxes, those are assed by the government in your country and simply passed along to you by UPS, they have no control over those fees whatsoever and have no way of knowing what they will be until the shipment clears customs.

Pinhawk SLF Single Length Fairway Woods - Custom Made to Order

I lost a bit of distance on both ends of the iron set. I believe this is due to the traditional lofting from 7 to wedges and shorter shafts in the longer clubs. Whether I am right or wrong about this... Eitherway the gapping comes to exactly 15m between clubs from 4i to SW.

The scary part is the accuracy though. While losing 15m of distance throughout the set I probably reduced dispersion 15m on either side of the target line.
Tell me to hit a tree trunk 185m out and I will hit it 2 out of 5 times. Not bad for a first 9holes with these clubs.

Going to take some time.

These are beautifully made for sure,I've only got one round with these bad boys so far but I'm impressed so far, I gained 6 -10 yards carry 4-pw and I'm excited to get my game right this summer


I’m not a person who writes reviews, but this product deserves my time. I got my new irons and went to the course without any practice time. The first thing I noticed was that the clubs looked like something to be proud of. Secondly, they are the most solid irons I have played since my hogan edge set. I hit the long irons thin and the short irons fat yet still got good results. The last shot of the day was one that makes me want to get back on the course. High and right at the stick. drop and stop. I’m looking forward to getting tuned into these fantastic irons. So happy with my purchase!!

Enjoying my clubs

I played 3 rounds with them and each round I’ve been improving. Communication has been very good with representatives from Single Length Golf. Would definitely buy from them again. Thanks

Very happy

Didn't have time to practice with this club before a golf outing. Fist stroke with it was on the first tee. Hit it around 10 times. Everything stayed in play on a tight course. I did learn that I needed to put it more towards the center of my stance to reduce fade.

9 wood

Purchased a Pinhawk 9 wood because my Pinhawk 5 iron has too much run out due to low flight pattern. The 9 wood is the ticket for me a senior player with a 75-80 swing speed, it has the height to stop on the green. with minimal
run out. I love my Pinhawk Irons and just received my A wedge perfect from 80-85 yards with good height. Their service is great they set my A or Gap wedge up the same way as my Irons purchased last September. Give Pinhawk a chance you will love em and save money.

Looking forward to play

Club look and feel great, now I just need to get out and play.

Revised Review

I had to change my review. The clubs are excellent. I really feel more confident with them. My only complaint would be that I ordered head covers and it's been over two weeks and they haven't shipped yet. Other than that great.

The head covers were ordered separately after the fairway woods were shipped. And what happened is the head cover order was printed and set in the pile of orders to be built and shipped, when it should have just gone straight to shipping since it wasn't a custom order. And we're at 10-15 business days (2-3 weeks) shipping time on orders right now, so that's why we hadn't gotten to that order yet. But they are now on the way and should be there any day now.

Still believe in the concept

I’m 5’7” and have always struggled with the longer clubs. The concept of all one length irons made sense to me. I read all the reviews I could find on any brand of one length clubs and most talked about the adjustment period due to the short irons being longer. So knowing this, I went into this with a very positive attitude. It’s still taking me some time to adjust but that is more a matter of moving from an ultra game improvement set to these with less offset and sole width. Impact needs to be more precise. That being said, I am really enjoying these clubs. Ball flight is high (a little less so with the 4 and 5 hybrids), I’m hitting the longer irons straighter and yardage and yardage gap are nearly the same as my former set. The clubs are attractive and seem to be quality built. If you are considering the switch to one length clubs, the Pinhawks are a great choice due to their reasonable price point.

So far so good!

I expected to lose some distance with this club due to the shorter shaft, but I have actually gained quite a bit on my best drives during my first round with it (I average around 225 off the tee, but cleared 250 on several holes). What surprises me the most is the amount of roll I get on my drives with this club, especially with 12 degrees of loft.

Exceeded expectations!

I purchased the 3,5,7, and 9 woods to go along with my single-length Pinhawk hybrids and I could not be happier with the results. My solid hits went further than expected (180+ yards with the 7-wood), and even my mishits go relatively straight and long, which is what is what I was hoping for with these clubs. Were it not for a few missed putts, I would have broken 90 for the first time in years with these clubs, so I have high hopes for the future.