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Customer service needs work.

A mistake was made with my order and I was sent 2 nine irons and not a SW. Once I let you know about this, correspondence pretty much seaced. My phone calls were not returned and correspondence on your chat line stopped as well.
This was a mistake on your part and the lack of communication to rectify the mistake showed me poor customer service. Thomas Marks.

This review makes it sound as if the issue (which definitely was a mistake on our end) went unresolved. We did respond when we were notified of the mistake, and we sent a prepaid return label to ship the duplicate #9 back to us, and after we got it back we swapped out the head for the correct SW head and shipped it back..

The customer also sent us several messages telling us how much he likes the clubs, so it's a shame we only received a 3-star review making it sound like we did not resolve an issue which was in fact resolved, and no mention about how satisfied he is with the clubs or how quickly the initial order was delivered (just 6 business days from order date to delivery).

Iron shots stick to the green

I am starting to play golf again after a 30-year layoff. My 40-year old irons were clearly obsolete, so I started looking at options. Note that I am a high handicapper in my 60's. I have now played around 15 9-hole rounds with these irons.

I purchased the single length Pinhawk irons (6-9, PW, AW, SW). I have found them to hit very straight and very high. All of the well struck shots attain a high trajectory and stop within a couple of feet of the landing spot on the green.

A few things to note:

Distance: I am hitting a club or two different from my playing partners. As we were trying to determine why, we figured out the my Pinhawk 7-iron has a 35 degree loft, while his "name" brand irons have a 27 degree loft. Basically, his 7 iron is really a 5 iron. When hitting clubs of comparable lofts, distance is similar.

Height - Every shot that's not topped, turfed, or shanked has a beautiful high trajectory and lands and stops.

Wedges - It took a bit of adjustment getting used to the longer wedges, but I think my chipping has improved significantly. I'm able to use that same chip shot for a variety of distances and just change the club to adjust the loft.

Off-center hits - Most of the off-center hits go straight towards the target, although they do lose distance. The six iron has proven to be the most challenging club. Off-center strikes tend to go left for me (I'm playing left-handed). However, as I get adjusted to the clubs of the same length, the off-center shots are becoming fewer.

Price - $300 for a set of irons with custom length and grips is a bargain.

Overall, I don't know that I could have done any better in selecting new irons.

The club’s are great for the money

For the past 20 years I’ve tried to buy a better golf score. Finally realized that it is not the equipment, it’s the guy using the equipment. I’m using the single lenth irons and when I stay down and actually watch the club hit the ball I do well, which has always been the case. The jury is still out on the single lenth clubs, quality is great for the money and I will keep trying to improve my game with them.

Very Satisfied

I've golfed casually for 20 years without much improvement but decided to dedicate myself last year. After playing with older sets without much success I finally chose to purchase new clubs. After many hours of research I decided to give single length irons a try. The Pinhawks had good reviews and a basic appearance I was comfortable with. At 66 and a slow swing I chose the Acer senior graphite shafts with +1 length since I'm tall. I admit I'm a horrible golfer but with the Pinhawks I'm making shots I've never dreamed I was capable of. My scores are slowly getting better. Any problems I have with my game are not the fault of my Pinhawks. I could not be more satisfied. I actually believe I now have a chance of achieving my goal of becoming a mediocre golfer. The best part is I'm actually having fun. So glad I went with Single Length Golf.


So bought this to try and gain more confidences off the tee. Paired it with supercharged red prolaunch x flex. 10.5 degree, amazing. I didn't lose any notable real distance and I was hitting them straight. Ya that's right straight. So now selling a corbra f9 side note the weight will come loose so maybe start adding lock tight

Like the Feel

Only been able to play 3 times during the first 60 days I’ve had them. I have noticed a loss in distance by about a club. Want to see if that is still the case after it warms up.

Nice Feel

I have only used them a few times but so far I like them. I think the single length has helped keep my game consistent as I have aged.

I haven't gotten used to them yet.

Pinhawk Single Length Irons
Christopher Keller

Ordered a set it's missing 2 clubs now getting the run around from the whole company please save your money don't buy from this company complete JOKE

UPDATE: We wanted to confirm that the 2 missing clubs were shipped out 1 business day after we were notified that they were missing from the original shipment, and they were delivered 3 days later.

ORIGINAL REPLY: We were notified of the 2 missing clubs on the afternoon of Friday 4/7, and we immediately responded and apologized for the mistake. We told the customer that we would get the 2 missing clubs shipped as soon as possible, and they were built over the weekend and shipped on Monday 4/10. So the issue was responded to immediately and resolved within 1 business day. I don't understand how that qualifies as 'getting the runaround from the whole company', I'm not sure what else we could have done to resolve the situation any quicker than we did. We hope you enjoy your clubs despite the honest mistake on our end.

New irons

These clubs are beautiful I love the way they play!!

I like the looks and of it, have only played it once, so far so good


There nice clubs wish I would have went with a different shaft. Don’t get the distance I would like. About 10 yards shorter on all of irons.

One length so easy !!

It was very interesting to learn about this concept of golf and quite satisfying when the whole process enravels in front of you. The idea of the shafts all being the same length worked for me . It was easy from the get go and it’s been a slow but great transformation . The 6 iron to lob wedge combo with the hybrids and fairway woods give me a lot of options but still leave me comfortable and confident . Alot of my friends have asked numerous question ?? I gave it a go and it’s been great.

Clubs are good just as stated. Company dot as good to deal with.

They look better than expected.

These clubs are awesome. They look better than expected and feel better than expected. I’m really digging these clubs so far.

a great deal.

I've only played a couple rounds with them, but they seem solid and forgiving.
I recommend the graphite shafts. great value.

Pinhawk Single Length Irons
Terrice Childress
Really Like the Pinhawk irons!

First time Single length Club User and defiantly Not disappointed. As a high handicapper, my score has not drastically improved [yet], but I am hitting the ball much more consistently. My only wish is that they had grips more comparable to the grips on my old clubs, but I didn't ask for a special upgrade that was not offered. Also, 8 iron has wrapping tape protruding out below the grip.

Technically Perfect hybrids and irons

Great Clubs, as a golfer for 60+ years with variable length clubs, it is easy at times with one length clubs to get yourself too close or too far from at set up. I find mishits not due to the clubs, but lack of practice swing to guarantee the same set up distance. Recommend the EQ1-NX single length, but there is an adjustment period.

Pinhawk Single Length Hybrid Set

First time single length user

Great clubs put together great, still getting used to the concept but great clubs would recommend

2nd set of Pinhawk's purchased absolutly love them.

This is my second set of Pinhawk, SL clubs I decided to go with a different shaft.
Absolutely love them and would definitely recommend to anyone, my own personal opinion they are easier to hit I have lost no distance (15 handicap) would definitely recommend.


Love the clubs but Single Length Golf seems too busy to honor my request for an additional club.

Custom options for Pinhawk Single Length Hybrid Set
Charles Swanson

I live in Ohio, have to wait until spring to use clubs.

Great choice!

I was in need of a new set of irons and I was intrigued by the Pin Hawks. I liked the thought of the one swing concept.
They were running a special on a full set, so I figured why not?
At 61, I'm looking for consistency more than anything else.
I haven't had them on the course yet but have used them a few times at the driving range and I'm very impressed.
Once I got in a rhythm, the accuracy was spot on.
I can't wait to get on the course!

In1Zone Single Length Driver

Great looking club. Looking forward to using it this summer.
Being a senior, and experiencing driver issues, this club appears to be a good fit for older golfers.