Single Length Golf Warranty Policy - 1 year guarantee against defects

Warranty Policy

We offer a 1 year warranty on all of our clubs. This warranty covers any possible defects in materials or workmanship for the duration of the warranty period. Examples of things that are covered: broken shaft, cracked driver heads, loose club head, rattles inside woods or hybrids, etc. Basically anything that might go wrong with the clubs that wasn't a result of accidental damage, misuse, and abuse. We do have some conditions that go along with that, such as a shaft must be broken within the first 6" of the head to be considered broken during normal play. This is standard in the industry as 99.99% of breakage from normal play will happen right where the shaft meets the head, and sometimes it may occur a few inches above that, but breakage anywhere higher than that indicates that the shaft was damaged in some way which caused it to break. So we're sorry, but snapping it over your knee after a bad shot isn't covered! ;) And cracks in drivers are only covered if there are no dents or damage anywhere on the club which could have resulted in the crack.

In the event of a warranty issue, we will either have you send the club back to use for repair or replacement, or we can usually just have you take it to a shop near you and have it repaired and we will covered the cost of the repair. Things like reattaching a clubhead or replacing a loose ferrule are simple enough that they don't warrant the time or cost of shipping a club back & forth for us to fix it, although sometimes that is the only option. When shipping back a club for warranty repair, we split the shipping costs - you pay to ship it to us, and we pay to ship it back to you. 

Please do not send any clubs back for warranty repair without first contacting us for a claim number and return instructions. We can be reached at by phone at 858-859-8330, or via email at