Pinhawk Single Length Irons - Custom Made to Order – Single Length Golf
Pinhawk SL Single Length Irons - Rear view
Pinhawk SL Single Length Irons - Toe view
Pinhawk SL Single Length Irons - full set view
Pinhawk SL Single Length Hybrid - bottom view
Pinhawk SL Single Length Hybrid - VIew at address
Pinhawk Single Length Irons

Pinhawk Single Length Irons

Orders are custom built and shipped in 7-10 business days.

Price as configured: Regular price $299.99


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The Pinhawk SL irons can be credited with putting single length irons on the map! These heads incorporate a "game improvement" design without looking clunky, making them a good fit for a wide range of golfers. They have extreme perimeter weighting and a deep undercut cavity for the ultimate in forgiveness.  And despite the forgiving design, the Pinhawks have a very moderate sole width and a low offset on each iron.

You may notice that the loft gapping is slightly different than a traditional set of irons, and this is one of design principles of a single length set which is done to maintain proper distance gaps between clubs. You will find that your distances and gaps between clubs will be very similar to a “conventional” set of irons. With the Pinhawk single length irons it's one length, one setup, and one swing. Golf doesn't get much easier than that! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 183 reviews
Dave Troth
Great clubs

Took a little to use to but once I did the lower numbered clubs like 8,9 and pw added about 20 yards distance. Highly recommend these clubs especially for the price.


Still getting used to the clubs. Definitely hitting them straighter and hitting the short irons longer. Struggling with the short chips around the green. An extra $95 UPS charge at delivery was a surprise that I didn't expect.

jerry tomky

It takes a little getting use to but I'm hitting them better each time out, it's nice not having to adjust where the ball has to be in my stance. Thank you very much

john coombs
Single length

I am still getting used to them, but I really do hit them much better than my old clubs.

David Stroud
Not for me.

I got a set of these irons, and although they do help to standardize the swing, the distance on the "longer" irons is significantly compromised by the shorter shaft. My 4-iron went from 180 to 155 yards (I'm 74 years old).

It's not uncommon for some players, particularly older golfers or those who have a slower swing speed, to notice a loss of distance with the lower lofted clubs at the shorter length. The solution to this is to get hybrids in place of irons for those lower lofted clubs, since the hybrid will produce a higher ball flight with more backspin which increases carry distance substantially. We have a guide on our website which makes recommendations for the set configuration based on swing speed; to view those recommendations just click on the small (?) Icon next to the 'Set Configuration' option on any of the product pages.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 183 reviews
Dave Troth
Great clubs

Took a little to use to but once I did the lower numbered clubs like 8,9 and pw added about 20 yards distance. Highly recommend these clubs especially for the price.


Still getting used to the clubs. Definitely hitting them straighter and hitting the short irons longer. Struggling with the short chips around the green. An extra $95 UPS charge at delivery was a surprise that I didn't expect.

jerry tomky

It takes a little getting use to but I'm hitting them better each time out, it's nice not having to adjust where the ball has to be in my stance. Thank you very much

john coombs
Single length

I am still getting used to them, but I really do hit them much better than my old clubs.

David Stroud
Not for me.

I got a set of these irons, and although they do help to standardize the swing, the distance on the "longer" irons is significantly compromised by the shorter shaft. My 4-iron went from 180 to 155 yards (I'm 74 years old).

It's not uncommon for some players, particularly older golfers or those who have a slower swing speed, to notice a loss of distance with the lower lofted clubs at the shorter length. The solution to this is to get hybrids in place of irons for those lower lofted clubs, since the hybrid will produce a higher ball flight with more backspin which increases carry distance substantially. We have a guide on our website which makes recommendations for the set configuration based on swing speed; to view those recommendations just click on the small (?) Icon next to the 'Set Configuration' option on any of the product pages.

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  • What is the swing weight of the Pinhawk SL Single Length Irons?

    The swingweight is going to depend on several different variables, namely shaft selection, length, and grip size. With a standard weight (120g) shaft, at standard length, and a standard size grip, they are going to be right about a D2. Going with a heavier shaft or longer length will increase the swingweight, while going with a lighter shaft, shorter length, or heavier grip, will decrease the swingweight.

  • Can the lie angle be custom tweaked to 2 defrees upright?

    Yes we can bend them 2 degrees upright. To select that option, you would need to first select the "zero tolerance loft & lie" under the premium assembly options at the bottom. Once you do that, you will see a new option appear (it shows up towards the top) which allows you to select your preferred lie angle.

  • What is the loft of the AW? I don’t see it listed on the chart. Thanks!

    The AW is listed as a "GW" (gap wedge) in the spec chart, and the loft is 51°.

  • Do you make left handed clubs?

    Yes these are available on left-handed, you just need to select left-handed from the "golf stance" drop down option at the top of the list of options.

  • Is it possible to get a custom lie angle? My current set of clubs are 1-2 degree upright (I forget which it’s been so long since they were fitted).

    Yes we can do that. To enable the lie angle option, you must first select the "zero tolerance loft and lie" option at the bottom under premium assembly options, and then up at the top you'll see an option appear to select the desired lie angle.

  • How many grams does the average velocity shaft weigh?

    The Acer Velocity shaft weighs 69g

  • Good day Hoping all are well Just wondering the difference between True Tempered steel & True Tempered Gold ? Thank you for your time. Cheers

    There's quite a big difference between the two. The True Temper Dynalite 100 is a light weight mid-high launching shaft which is a good fit for golfers with an average/smooth swing who need help getting the ball up in the air with more backspin. The Dynamic Gold is a heavier shaft which is designed for players who have a very fast/aggressive swing and a high natural ball flight, and who need help bringing the ball flight down with less backspin.

  • How many irons in set

    The set can contain anywhere from 7 to 10 irons, it's customized to your preference. You can select your set configuration from the first drop-down menu at the top. Once you select the set configuration, then you'll see all the other options for things like shaft, flex, length, grip, etc.

  • What is the shaft length?

    The standard length is 37", which is the length of a typical 7-iron, but they are custom made to order so you can get them whatever length you need to fit you. We recommend playing the same length as you do in variable length clubs; so for example if you play +1/2" over standard in a variable length set, then you should get +1/2" over standard for this set as well.

  • Hi can the lofts be adjusted???

    The lofts and lie angles can both be adjusted +/- 2 degrees. However, the lofts on these clubs have been very carefully chosen after extensive testing to give the proper 10-12 yard gaps between clubs. If you were to mess around with the lofts you may end up with a smaller distance gap between some clubs and a larger gap between others. Unless you were going to do something like a -2° adjustment throughout the entire set, keeping the loft gapping the same, but even then it could affect the distance gaps slightly as they were engineered to play at those exact lofts.

  • How do you order graphite shafts ?

    First you need to select your stance and set configuration, and then you will see the different options for the shaft choices.

  • Which hcp are these clubs designed for

    These aren't designed for any particular handicap, they will work for a wide range of golfers as they incorporate a combination of both game improvement features as well as things typically found on a lower handicap style club. It has a large undercut cavity back with perimeter weighting and additional weight positioned at the heel and toe to enlarge the sweet spot and increase off-center forgiveness, while the size of the head is more "traditional" rather than being extrememly oversized and it has a medium offset throughout the set. So they can honestly work very well for anyone from a single digit handicapper to a 30+ handicapper.

  • Is graphite extra per shaft $49.00 and do you have strong lofts

    The charge shown for the shafts is the cost for the entire set, not per club. 

    As for strengthening the lofts, that's not recommended as a lofts have been chosen very carefully to give the proper distance gapping between clubs.

  • Are single length irons all steel or do you do graphite also

    The clubs are custom made to order so you can get whatever shafts you want. After selecting the set configuration at the top, the different shaft options and prices will appear below.

  • What about shaft flex. I’m 77 yrs old

    Shaft flex is determined by swing speed. If you don't know your clubhead speed with an iron, you can make your selection based on what club you hit at 150 yards using the following chart: 

    Fairway wood or hybrid = ladies flex
    4-5 iron = senior flex
    6-7 iron = regular flex
    8-9 iron = stiff flex
    PW or higher = extra stiff

  • When you say standard length does that mean they are all the same length at 37 inches ? Also how do I work out grip size ? I cannot find the ready reckoner.

    Yes, the standard length is 37" for all the clubs. If you choose a different length then it would be +/- in relation to the 37" standard length. As for grip size, that's up to your personal preference and experience. Usually if you have small to average size hands (up to a M-L glove size) you'll want to stick with standard size, or if you have larger hands you'd step up to midsize (L glove size) or jumbo (XL glove or larger). But then again some people with small hands like big grips, and some people with big hands like smaller grips, so just boils down to what feels most comfortable in your hand.

  • what is the shaft lenght with +1inch

    Standard length for this set is 37", which is a standard 7-iron length, so if you order them at +1" they will all be 38".

  • How do i determine which premium assembly option is best

    I would say the most important one is the shaft spine alignment, as that is going to give the clubs the most consistent feel throughout the set. The zero tolerance loft & lie is also pretty important as that will give you a more consistent distance gapping throughout the set, and you can also get a lie adjustment either upright or flat with that option. And the shock absorbent inserts don't really improve performance, they just improve the feel of steel l-shafted clubs by reducing vibration at impact.

  • If I opt to get the zero tolerance on irons, does that change the lie?

    The lie will be set to standard (62.5°) unless you request otherwise. If you need a different lie we can bend them +/-2° up or down, you would just need to select the desired lie at the top of the options list once you select the "Zero Tolerance" option.

  • What is the difference between the Tour Wrap and the Tour Velvet grip options?

    The Tour Velvet is a firmer & rougher textured grip, while the tour wrap is a softer grip with a smooth/tacky surface.

  • On the pinhawk single length woods, the grafalloy prolaunch blue shaft option, is it the prolaunch blue 65?

    That's the one! The full model name is Grafalloy ProLaunch Supercharged Blue 65. You can view a full in-depth look at the shaft here:

  • Im interested in some pinhawk SL but was hoping for FST 125 S/X shafts. They are only $6.95 each so I’m hoping you have them avail?

    We can do the FST 125 shafts for the same price as the FST 115 (which is currently out of stock). If you would like to order the set with those shafts just place an order with the FST115, and on the shopping cart page just add a note to let us know you would like the FST 125 shafts instead. Once we receive the order we will confirm the shaft request and email a confirmation of the change.

  • Since you're basing all clubs on the 7 iron, what is the loft of your 7 iron? My AP1 7 iron is 33 degrees of loft and I'd like to know if I'd be starting out with basically the same club. Also, I carry my 7 iron 175 yards so I'd also like to know which shaft you'd recommend. Thank you for your time.

    The 7-iron in this set is 35°. You can view the full specs of all the clubs by clicking on the "specifications" tab. However, you can't really compare a single length set club-to-club  with a variable length set, because due to the fact that the shafts are all the same length the lofts need to be gapped differently to achieve the proper distance gapping. The set starts with a 4-iron which is 20° which is lower than most 4-irons, but by the time you get to a 7-iron at 35° it's actually a few degrees higher than most 7-irons. So you may end up with 1-2 clubs that are close to what a traditional set would be, but with the rest there is likely going to be several degrees of difference when compared to a variable length set. But that's really a non-issue because what matters most is the gapping between clubs, and with the loft gapping on this set you'll get the typicaly 10-12 yards between clubs. 

    As for a shaft for your swing, if you're hitting a 7-iron 175 yards I'd recommend sticking with something a little heavier like the Apollo Stepless, FST 115 (currently on backorder), or the True Temper Dynamic Gold. Those shafts are going to have a stiffer tip section which tends to pair well with a faster swing speed.

  • Do the single length irons come in graphite and are they available in left handed model.

    Yes you can get them in left-handed and with graphite shafts. Every set is custom made to order, so you just need to select left-handed for the golf stance at the top and then work your way through the options selecting your preferred set configuration, shafts, flex, length, and grips.

  • What's the head weight throughout the set, 5 thru LW.

    Every head is the weight of a typical 7-iron head which is 272g.

  • I’m a senior with a slow swing. Would you recommend irons or hybrids?

    It depends on your swing speed. We recommend that anyone who is hitting a #5 iron/hybrid less than 150 yards should consider the all hybrid set. But if you're hitting something higher than a #5 at 150yds, such as a #6 or #7, then we'd suggest doing the iron set with some hybrids to replace the lower irons. If you click on the ? next to the set configuration option on the irons page it will show your our recommended configuration based on your swing speed.

  • Silly question do i know what shaft flex to choose?

    Shaft flex is based on your clubhead speed. If you don't know what your swing speed is, here are some general guidelines based on what club you hit at 150 yards. 

    More than 4-iron: Ladies Flex
    4-5 iron: Senior Flex
    6-7 iron: Regular Flex 
    8-9 iron: Stiff Flex 
    PW or less: Extra Stiff flex

  • do you make these in lefthand

    Yes we do, you just need to click on the "Golf Stance" option at the top and select Left-handed.

  • Do you make single length hybrid clubs? I am looking for 3-sw with a 6 iron length shaft.

    Yes we do make a single length hybrid set, you can view it here:

    There is no #3 with the set, and that is because the #4 is a 20° club (which is usually what a #3 would be). So you can get the full set with 4-SW for a total of 9 clubs.

  • Do you have this clubs with grafite shaft will be the price ?

    The clubs are custom made to order with whatever shafts and specs you want. If you go through the different configuration items it will show you the different options and prices, and the pricing will be updated at the top of the page as you make your selections.

  • Is it possible to get custom loft angles in the 5-PW set?

    It's possible, but not recommended. The lofts that these clubs are manufactured with are designed to give the proper 10-12 yard gaps between clubs. If you start changing the lofts, especially if you alter the gapping (i.e. 4-5 degrees between clubs), then you will change the distance gaps between clubs. Keep in mind that the lofts need to be different from a variable length set of clubs, because those lofts are based on the fact that each club is swung at a different speed due to the different shaft lengths and head weights, so some of the gapping comes from the loft while some comes from the swing speed and head weight. With single length clubs the shaft lengths and head weights are all the same and therefore they are all swung at the same speed, so the loft is the only thing that affects the distance between clubs.

  • Do you have a nearby location in Virginia where I can actually walk in and speak to someone, before I make my purchase? My zip code is: 20112

    Unfortunately we do not, we are strictly on online retailer. But if you would like to talk to someone about making a purchase we are available via phone at 858-859-8330 or email at, we are happy to answer any questions you might have and walk you through placing an order.

  • What is the "standard" lenght of the pinhawk single lengths?

    The standard length for this set is 37" which is the length of a standard 7-iron.

  • Do you make left hand clubs

    Yes these irons are available in left-handed, you just need to select LH in the drop down menu to view the configuration options.

  • Are the shafts parallel tip and if so, are all the iron shafts trimmed to the same flex?

    Yes all of the shafts that we use are parallel tip. And since the heads are all the same weight, they are all tip-trimmed exactly the same for the entire set.

  • Can you buy six iron to sand wedge as a Severn club option and then add 7 and 9 wood

    Yes we can do that. There are a few ways to go about placing that order, th easiest would be to place the order online for a 7-club set (such as 5-PW+AW) along with the two woods, and then on the shopping cart page you can add a note at the bottom in the yellow box indicating that would would like the 6-PW+AW+SW instead. Another option is to send us an email with the list of specs that you want for your set, and we'll write up an invoice and email it back to you for review and payment. Or you can call us at 858-859-8330 and place an order over the phone, although our phone support is limited at the moment so one of the other options may be quicker.

  • Where do you ship from is shipping free

    Shipping is free anywhere in the continental US for orders over $250, and for orders under $250 there is a flat $9.99 shipping fee.

  • On my request above, can you give me a price for irons and postage please WOK2248

    To get a shipping quote for your destination you need to first add the items you want to purchase to your shopping cart, and then towards the bottom on the shopping cart page you will find the shipping calculator. This is where you enter your desitanation and then it will show you the applicable shipping rates.

  • what length is the standard shaft?

    The standard length for this set is 37" which is the length of a typical 7 iron. But they can be made longer or shorter according to your height, you can select whatever length you need from the configuration menu.

  • Is the Jumbo grip like the Jumbo Max, or mainly an oversized grip? Also, I am a 71-year-old male golfer who hits a 7 iron around 140 yards, what shaft would you recommend?

    The jumbo is just a normal jumbo/oversize grip, not the JumboMax brand. Although we do offer the jumbo Max grips as an upgrade, they range from $8-$12/club depending on the grip. If you would like to upgrade the grips you just need to contact us after placing your order and we can make the change. 

    As for the shaft, if you are hitting your 7-iron around 140 yards I would definitely recommend going with one of the graphite shaft options. And you're right on the border between regular and senior flex.

  • Can you adjust the lie angle? I need -3

    We can do a lie adjustment down to about 60° which would be -2.5° flat from standard. To request the lie adjustment for your clubs you would just need to select the "zero tolerance loft & lie" option under the premium assembly section at the bottom, and when you do that there will be a drop down which appears towards the top with different lie options. Just select 2° flat and add the set to your cart, and then on the shopping cart page there is a section at the bottom where you can add a note to the order and request the 60° lie rather than just 2° flat.

  • Can a set be ordered with grips, but without them installed?

    Sure we can do that! To make this request, after you add the set to your cart you'll see a seciton on the shopping cart page where you can add a note to the order. Simply add your request in that section and it will be submitted with the order. Alternatively, you can also just send us an email after placing the order.

  • Will this set my height at 1.88 cm Or 6ft 3 inches Regards Larry

    These clubs are custom made to order so you can get them built to whatever length you need. Based on your height I would recommend going with +1" over standard length, and you can make that selection in the configuration menu as you go through the different options.

  • Will you ever get the standard grips back in would like to order set but don't want undersize

    The only standard size grip that is out of stock is the blue color. But all the other colors of the Tour Velvet, as well as the Tour Wrap, are in stock in standard size.

  • If I were to order today 4/30/21 when would I expect to receive them. If it makes a difference I will be adding the three premium assembly options.

    The current turnaround time to build and ship an order is 10-15 business days, with delivery in 15-20 business days from order date. So they would ship between the 14th-21st with delivery between the 21st-28th (depending on when they ship, and what shipping method you select).

  • is the standard length equivalent to a 7 iron? 37"?

    Correct, the standard length for this set is equal to a standard 7-iron length which is 37". So if you were to request a length that is longer or shorter than standard, it would be relative to the 37" standard length (i.e. -1/2" would be 36.5", +1" would be 38", etc).

  • Am I able to get the tour wrap grips in a Jumbo size? Am I able to add a sand wedge to my order? Do not need rhe AW. I am looking to buy the 4h-5-pw set. Also do you have a 7 wood to compliment the set?

    The base price tour wrap grips are only available in standard, however we do have several wrap-style upgrade options in the jumbo size. We have the Star Tour Wrap (+$3.50/ea), the Winn DriTac Wrap (+$5.75/ea), Winn Excel Wrap ($5.75/ea), Tack-Mac non-tapered wrap ($4.29/ea), and the JumboMax X-Small which is +1/8" over standard like most Jumbo grips (+$7.50/ea). If you'd like to get any of those grips on your clubs, just add a note to your order on the shopping cart page with your grip reqeust and we will update your order and email you an invoice to pay the difference. 

    As for getting a set with just the PW & SW and skipping the AW, you could certainly do that but I wouldn't recommend it. The AW is a critical part of any modern day set because over the years the loft of a SW has stayed at 55-56° degrees while the PW has dropped down to anywhere from 42-47°, which leaves a gap of 10-15 degrees between those two clubs - and the AW falls exactly in between to fill the gap (which is why it's commonly referred to as a "gap wedge"). If you were to get the PW & SW and skip the AW, you would be left with a 25-30 yard distance gap between those two clubs since the wedges are typically about 12-15 yards apart. And I think you'll find that many approach shots are going to fall in between the PW & SW distance, which is why the AW is also commonly referred to as an "approach wedge" since it's very frequenty used on approach shots. With all of that being said, if you'd still like to swap the AW for a SW we can certainly do that, just place an order for the 4H + 5-PW+AW and add your request to swap the AW for SW in the notes section on the shopping cart page. 

    And lastly, yes we do have a 7 wood. You can find the Pinhawk fairway woods here:

  • If you ship to the UK what is the delivery time? Also, is there likely to be additional import taxes or VAT to pay other than what is displayed in the cart?

    Yes we do ship to the UK! To get a shipping quote you would just need to add whatever you want to buy to your cart, and then enter the shipping destination on the shopping cart page and it will give you the cost and estimated delivery timeframe. Please note that the shipping times shown are just the transit time, but it still takes us around 10-15 business days right now to get the order built and shipped. As for VAT, any shipment imported into another country is likely going to be subject to VAT and/or duty fees. We can't really advise on that since every counntry is different, you would need to research your local import laws to see what fees would be applied upon delivery.

  • is the weight of all irons the same?

    Yes, the head weight is exactly the same throughout the entire set. So is the lie angle, the offset, and obviously the shaft length. The only thing that changes from one club to the next is the loft, which is what gives you the different distances. But other than that every club will swing and feel exactly the same.

  • What’s the difference in all the steels for the shaft selection and how do you determine which one to get

    The differences between the steel shaft options are primarily the weight and the launch profile. The shafts range from about 90g up to 120g, and from low launching to high launching. As for which shaft is best for you, unfortunately it's hard for us to make a recommendation on that since we can't see your swing.  Many people just base the shaft choice off the shafts they are currently using if they're happy with their existing shafts, or they will go get fitted to find out the appropriate shaft weight and launch profile for their swing. If all else fails, you could just go with a middle of the road shaft like the Dynalite 100 or FST 115 which are neither high launching nor low launching, and not ultralight nor heavy - they are both right around 100g with a mid-launch profile.

  • Is it possible to get the Lie angle adjusted +2*?

    Yes you can request a custom lie angle adjustment. To do so you would just select the "zero tolerance loft and lie" option under the premium assembly options, and then on the shopping cart page simply add a note indicating that you would like the lie set at 2° upright rather than standard.

  • The Pinhawk SL irons "standard length" is what length? I'm looking for a 37.5-inch long set, and I need to know how to specify the length on your fitting web page......thanks.

    The standard length for the Pinhawks is a standard 7-iron length which is 37". So if you want them 37.5" then you would select +1/2" for the length.

  • Standard Length for the Wilson EQ1-NX irons is specifically stated as 36.5 in. Is that the same Standard Length for the Pinhawks? Also, if graphite shafts are selected, are they .5 inches longer than the equivalent designation for steel shafts?

    The Wishon EQ1-NX is based off of a standard 8-iron length which is 36.5", while the Pinhawk irons are based off of a standard 7-iron length which is 37". The two heads are different weights and different lie angles which is why they are made at different lengths, one meant to replicate the swing of an 8-iron throughout the entire set while the other is a 7-iron. And any +/- length that you choose will be relative to the stanadard length for each set. And we make the clubs the same length whether you choose steel or graphite. The only reason some manufacturers use +1/2" longer shafts for graphite is to increase the swingweight, but doing so results in a club that is no longer the proper length for the golfer. So we don't believe in doing that, nor do most custom fitters. We build the clubs to the exact length that you need regardless of what type of shaft is used. And if you have a specific swing weight in mind that you would like for your clubs, we are able to modify that to your specs by using tip or butt weights inside the shaft. Just let us know if you have a swingweight preference and we will do our best to accomodate it.

  • How do they compare to 1iron company I’ve been checking out? I do like these and the price.

    The Pinhawk irons are definitely a more modern design than 1iron Golf, which is still using the same single length head they originally designed over 20 years ago. And even the new Blackstone and Pro models are the same heads, the only difference is one has a black finish while the other has two degrees stronger lofts throughout the set, but the design of the head is exactly the same. I've personally never understood why 1iron Golf is priced so high, even more costly than most high-end name brand clubs. Maybe it's because they used to be the only single length brand around so they could charge whatever they wanted, but now with so many other options I don't see why anyone would spend that much money on a 20 year old design. 

    Aside from the cheaper price and also being a more modern design, one other big advantage of the Pinhawks is the customization options. You can get them in a number of different configurations including hybrids to replace some of the lower lofted clubs, additional wedges down to the LW, a dozen different shaft options, and multiple different grip options.

  • Are mid size tour wrap grips an option?

    The base price tour wrap grip is only available in standard size. The tour velvet is available in midsize but not the wrap. If you want a midsize wrap you would need to upgrade to something like a Golf Pride Tour Wrap, Star Midsize Wrap, Lamkin Perma Wrap, etc. Unfortunately many of the manufacturers are backed up on production right now so most of those are on backorder, but we do have the Star Midsize wraps available - they are an extra $3.50/club, and are probably one of the longest lasting and most durable grips on the market, made here in the USA. If you would like to upgrade to a grip like that, on the shipping cart page simply include a note mentioning which grip you would like and then we will add it to the order and email you an invoice to pay the difference.

  • What kind of shaft is on them?

    These clubs are custom made to order, you get to choose your shafts from the list shown on the website. Once you choose which clubs you want then it will show you the shaft options and prices for those clubs.

  • what is the weight of each iron head. Do they all weigh the same?

    The Pinhawk Iron heads weigh 272g, and yes they all weigh exactly the same.

  • Are these offset

    All irons have a certain amount of offset, even blades, but the amount of offset can range from 1mm all the way up to 7-8mm. A high offset club would be something with 5-7mm of offset, a medium offset club is 3-5mm, and a low offset club is below 3mm. So these would be considered a medium offset club with a consistent 3mm of offset throughout the set.

  • Are the premium club set-up costs a per club cost or a per set cost?

    The upgrade prices shown are for the entire set as you have it configured, not per club. The pricing per club on the premium assembly options is $2/ea for spine alignment, $3/ea for the zero tolerance loft/lie, and $1.50/ea for the pro-soft inserts.

  • what is the lie angle and offset on the pinhawk iron sets. I currently play with Wilson C-200 irons with steel stiff shafts

    If you click on the specifications tab it will give the specs for the whole set. But to answer your question, the lie angle is 62.5° and the offset is 3mm all the way through the set. 

  • I am a senior golf and I am thinking about buying the single length irons and the fairway woods. If I choose the Matrix 65Q4 Red Tie Graphite what shaft should I have for the woods?

    The Matrix 65Q4 is considered an ultralight graphite shaft at 60g, so for the woods I would go with something like the Acer Velocity which is the same weight.

  • How does the feeland overall performance of Pinhawk SL Single Length Irons compare to the Cobra Speed Zone one length irons? I had the opportunity to test the 7 iron tremendous feel, large sweet spot... very foregiving. Thanks - Nick

    The Pinhawks are a very different design from the Speedzone One Length, which is a more oversized head with a longer blade length, wider sole, and thicker topline. I would say the Wishon Sterling irons are a closer comparison to the Speedzone One Length in terms of clubhead size and forgiveness, and also in technology features which includes a high-COR face on the lower lofted clubs for higher ball speeds and a variale center of gravity to optimize the ball flight for each club. Those are priced starting at $650 compared to $800 for the same 7 club set of the Cobras, so they're a little cheaper and I feel the Wishons are the better quality club. I personally own a set of Pinhawks, Cobras, and Wishon single length irons, and I play the Wishons the most. But the Pinhawks are also very nice clubs if you're just looking to try out single length irons without having to spend as much money, since you can get them for as little as 1/3rd the price of the Cobra irons and less than 1/2 the price of the Wishons, they just aren't quite as technologically advanced as the other two. And they are one of the best selling single length sets on the market, so that tells you most people really like them.

  • I need a left handed 5 wood, 3 wood and driver with a stiff shaft. Is that clubs you can make for me? Did not see any while I looked on your site. Interested in the Pinhawlk woods since the cost are within my budget! Since I got some irons from you earlier this year! Please let me know my option thanks!

    Unfortunately none of the single length fairway woods are available in LH. It's simply a matter of numbers and ROI, the tooling costs are very high and require a certain number of sales just to break even. And with such a small percentage of sales being left-handed, it takes quite a long time to reach that number. So the manufacturers choose to not make many of the models in left handed for that reason.

  • Hi, I currently have a set of Cobra F8 one length irons and they are very light. I love the one length but am curious about the weighting of the Pinhawks compared to the F8s

    There are only a couple of things that will make a club feel "light", and those are the head weight, the shaft weight, and the club length. The head weights are pretty standard from one set to another, for example if you were to take just about any 7 iron head from any set they're all going to weigh around 270-272g. Being that the Cobra F8 irons are made to 6-iron length (37.5") the heads weigh the same as a typical 6-iron at 265g, but the longer shaft length compensates for the lighter weight to give it the same feel as a heavier head made to a shorter length (this is referred to as the "swingweight"). Did you have your clubs custom made to a certain length, or are they just the standard 37.5" length? The reason I ask is because going shorter in length will make the club feel lighter since the head weight doesn't change.

    That brings us to the shafts, which can range from 50g on the low end up to 120 g on the heavy end. Graphite shafts are going to range from 50-80g, while steel shafts will range from 90-130g. Do you know exactly which shafts you have? What we can do is look at the specs of those shafts and see how much they weigh, and then go with a shaft that is a little heavier if you wanted the clubs to feel heavier.

  • Can you adjust the lie to 61.5?

    Yes absolutely! To request a custom lie adjustment, you would first need select the "zero tolerance loft & lie" option under the premium assembly options when configuring your set. Then after you add the item to your cart and you're on the shopping cart page, you would click "Add a note to your order" at the bottom and then list the specific lie that you would like and we will set the clubs to that lie along with making sure the lofts are exactly to the listed specs. We can bend these +/-2 degress from the standard 62.5°. lie.

  • How difficult would it be to change out steal shafts to graphite? I have your same length in steal, but my arthritis in my hands has gotten so bad that it really hurts when hitting the ball. Question would graphite shafts help me?

    Yes, graphite shafts can certainly make things easier on the hands/wrists/elbows. However, due to the costs involved with reshafting clubs you are usually better off just buying a whole new set and selling the old one. The cost to replace the steel shafts with graphite is $20 labor + $12-$20 for the shaft + $2 for the grip = $34-$42/club, plus ~$15 shipping each way if you send them to us to be done. So let's say you have an 8 club set, it would be $272-$336 + $30 shipping = $302-$366. You can buy that same set brand new for $320-$350 w/free shipping, and then you can sell your old set for a couple hundred bucks to pay for some of the new set. Or just keep them as a backup set.

  • When making a set of Pinhawk SL do you "tip trim" or "butt trim" the shafts to get the desire shaft length?

    You do both. The shafts are all tip trimmed to the specs for a 7-iron, since all the heads weigh the same as a 7-iron head, and then they are butt trimmed to the desired playing length.

  • How do I know what shaft to order. I am 67 swing speed 75-80. I hit a 5 iron about 145 carry. I currently play a Ping I 3 steel regular shaft. Please recommend a proper club set up for me.

    If your 5-iron carry distance is 145 I would recommend going with a lightweight graphtie shaft, either the Acer Velocity for +$7/club or the Matrix 65Q4 for +$10/club, and with that swing speed you should definitely be in a senior flex rather than regular flex. To play a regular flex you would need to be hitting a 6-7 iron at 150 yards, anything less than that and you'll benefit from the added flexibility of a senior flex to get a little more help from the shaft.

  • your standard length for irons is 37", so with me being 6'4" I would order a +1 and my iron length would be 38"? what is the length for the driver and fairway woods?

    That's correct, if you typically play +1" over standard length then that's what you would want to get for these clubs as well, which would make all the clubs 38" long and they would all play liek a 7-iron that is +1" over standard legnth. As for the driver and fairway woods, the standard length on those is 42" so a +1" length on those would put you at 43" for all of them.

  • Switching to single length irons because of a shoulder injury. Got the Pinhawks 4-PW Like them, but really having trouble hitting the 4 iron any suggestions?

    The 4-iron can be a tough club to hit if you don't have enough clubhead speed or a high enough natural ball flight. That is true not only for single length sets, but many golfers also have a hard time hitting a 4-iron in a tradtional set. In most cases, the lowest number you'll be able to hit consistenly in a single length set is going to be 1 club higher than what you can hit consistantly in a traditional set. For example, let's say in a traditional set you can hit everything down to a 6-iron okay, and below that you struggle with them and/or you have replaced them with hybrids. In that scenario, we'd recommend going with 7-iron and up (1 club up from the 6-iron in a regular set), and then get hybrids for everything below that.

    So in your case, if you're struggling to get the proper ball flight and distance with the 4-iron, you may want to consider getting a 4 hybrid instead. But even then, you still need to have enough clubhead speed to get the proper distance out of it, and that usually means hitting nothing less than a 6-iron at 150 yards. If your swing speed is slower than that, you probably won't be able to hit the 4 hybrid either in which case you'd want to look at #7 wood to replace that #4 iron. The 7 wood will get you about the same distance as a 4, but it has a higher loft so it'll get the ball up in the air easier and the shaft is 5" longer (5-wood) length so you'll have considerably higher swing speed with it.

  • What clubs do you get on the 249.99 set?

    The $249.99 base price includes 7 irons, and you get to pick the configuration in the drop down menu. You can do 4-PW, 5-PW+AW, 6-PW+AW+SW, any 7-club configuration like that. And then each additional club you add to the set adds $35.

  • Is there is a minimum of 7 clubs in the configurations? For instance, say I choose the 5 hybrid + 6-PW + AW, but I don't want the AW. Can I get only the 6 clubs I want or do I have to get that AW? If I don't get that AW does it get reduced from the price?

    We can do a 6-club set like that, however on the website the minimum qty is 7 clubs. To place a custom order you would just need to call and put in the order over the phone, or send us an email with the options that you want (set configuration, shafts, flex, length, grips, etc) and we'll write up an invoice and email it to you for payment to complete the order.

  • Is it possible to order the SW with less bounce?

    Unfortunately no, the bounce is a physical aspect of the clubhead which can't be changed. At least not without taking it to a grinder and removing a bunch of material from the trailing edge of the club. But doing so not only removes the chrome finish which will lead to rusting, it also removes a considerable amount of weight from the head which would need to be compensated for by adding a tip weight inside the the shaft.

  • Hi there, do you sell individual clubs? I purchased a set of customized of Pinhawks from you and i would like to add a 4 iron and a LW. Cheers,

    Yes we do sell individual clubs, but not through our website. To place an order for individual clubs you can either call and speak with one of our sales reps, or you can send us an email at with your order number and let us know what clubs you would like to add to your existing set and then we'll write up an invoice and email it to you for payment.

  • Can the clubs be adjusted to a specific lie angle? Toying with the idea of ordering these clubs with 73° lie angle, to model my swing after DeChambeau’s. Thoughts?

    These clubs can't be altered by that much, in fact no clubs can be bent that much without breaking them. I assume you're asking because 73° is the lie angle that Bryson DeChambeau uses for his single clubs? He actually has his clubs custom manufactured with that lie, they aren't bent that way. And I wouldn't recommend trying to duplicate his setup unless you have his exact same body size, stance, and extremely upright swing plane. We often get people asking to try an extreme upright lie, or the Jumbo Max grips, just because he uses them. But just like any other aspect of fitting - shaft length, shaft flex, set configuration, etc - you should get the clubs made to fit you and your swing rather than trying to duplicate the setup of someone else. We can bend these upright a few degrees if you'd like to try a more upright lie, but 64-65 is about the highest we can go.

  • How long does shipping take for these clubs?

    Right now is our busiest time of year (May-July), so we're at about a 5-7 business day turnaround at the moment. The rest of the years it's usually more like 3-5 business days.

  • Hello, I am getting close to placing my order but wanted to as what you recommend for a weekend warrior. I am looking at the shaft flex option and curious if you recommend the lite/senior flex v regular. I am 52, 5' 6, and 145. thanks, Glen

    Do you know what your swing speed is with an iron? Or if not, what club do you typically hit at 150 yards? Typically, if you're hitting a 6-8 iron at 150 yards you'd need a regular flex. Anything shorter than that would need a stiff flex, and anything longer than that and you'd need a senior/lite flex. Of course those are just general guidelines, there are other variables such as the weight of the shaft, the length of the shaft, the tempo of your swing, among other things. If you'd like some more specific advice, feel free to give us a call at 858-859-8330 to speak with one of our fitters and we can help you get the best setup for your game.

  • What is your return policy?

    You can view our full return and refund policy here.

  • What is the length of the clubs I'm 6ft one

    At 6'1" tall we would recommend going with +1/2" over standard length, which would make all the clubs 37.5" long.

  • Is it possible to order only select clubs (e.g. 5H, 7H, 9I, GW) rather than a pre-packaged set? Thank you.

    Yes we can do that, but we don't have our website set up for an order like that so you'd just need to call us at 858-859-8330 to place the order. But keep in mind, if you get a set where you're skipping every other club you will likely have a large 25-30 yard gap between clubs. Unless you are a slower swinger where you may find your clubs bunched together with a traditional set, in which case skipping every other club actually works realy well.

  • Are the scoring irons PW, GW, SW the same length as the mid irons? If so, what's the thinking behind it when other manufacturers' scoring irons are shorter? Thank you.

    Yes, in the single length set all of the clubs are the same length - even the wedges. The entire concept of single length irons bucks the trend of conventional thinking when it comes to making irons, which has always been with incremental lengths. And the only reason for an incremental length set is that back when golf was concieved, they didn't have the technology to properly enginner a set with all the clubs at the same lengths which gave you the appropriate distances with each of the clubs. So they made some clubs longer to hit the ball father, and other clubs shorter to hit the ball shorter, and that's still the traditional setup today. So that's really the only reason why traditional wedges are shorter, because that's just how they were designed hundreds of years ago.

    I think you might find it interesting to hear that we've actually heard from a lot of customers that their BIGGEST area of improvement when switching to single length clubs is with their wedges! I'm not talking about short 10-20 yard chip shots around the green, I'm talking full swing shots with the wedges from 120, 100, 80 yards - basically you're "approach shot" distances. And the reason for that improvement with the longer wedges over shorter wedges, is that you're now doing the same swing as you are with every other club in the set - same setup, same stance, same swing plane, same club weight, etc. So you don't have a shorter wedge which requires you to stand closer the the ball, put the ball further back in your stance, squat down a little more, swing steeper - you just swing them like you're swinging a 7-iron, or like every other club in the set! And the result is better contact, more consistency, and with the higher swing speed of the longer shafts you actually get a higher ball flight with more backspin which makes it much easier to stop the ball on the green.

  • Getting back into golf after 10 years of not playing. Very interested in the SL irons. Curious for your thoughts/recommendation with my set configuration below. I'm 6'2 with a wrist to floor 36 1/2 inches. FST 90 Steel Regular Flex + 1/2 inch shaft length Tour Velvet Midsize grips All premium assembly options Thank you!

    That sounds like a pretty good setup. As for the set configuration, what I would recommend is 5 hybrid + 6-PW+AW  plus any other wedges that you might want. I wouldn't recommend getting the 4-iron or #4 hybrid at this point, as it will probably be a very difficult club to hit if you haven't played in a long time. And it's something that you can add down the road if you want.

  • I am 6'3" and really do not know much about what kind of clubs i would need to get. I know i have metal irons now and i had to add one inch to them for them to fit right. but not sure about this stiffness factor. could you help me understand that? I know my swing is considered to be pretty hard.

    If your current set is +1" over standard length, then that's the same length that you would want to get with a single length set. So instead of all the clubs being 37" they would all be 38" long. As for the shaft flex, the general guideline is if you hit a 6-7 at 150 yards then go with regular flex, or if you hit an 8-9 iron at 150 you need stiff flex, and 9-PW at 150 would be extra stiff. Or if you're hitting a 5-iron or below at 150 yards then you'd likely need lite/senior flex. And "senior flex" doesn't mean it's only for older folks, there are plenty of golfers who need senior flex even though they might only be 30 years old - it's all about matching the flex to your swing speed, regardless of your age.

  • Can I buy individual irons to match my set?

    We do sell individual clubs, but not through the website. To place an order for individual clubs you need to call us at 858-859-8330.

  • Can you do a 3 iron thru 9 iron instead of a 4 thru PW?

    There is no 3-iron for the set, the lowest it goes is #4. That's pretty typical for most modern day iron sets, and the reason for that is because the lofts have gotten lower and lower over the years to the point where a 4-iron is now the same loft as a 3-iron used to be. 

  • What is the length of the “standard set”? (5’9-5’11)

    A standard length set is the length of a typical 7-irom which is 37".

  • Good Evening, what are the lofts of your clubs and could you adjust the club lies to 2 degrees flat. Thanks

    If you click on the specifications tab on the product page it will show you all of the specs for loft, lie, bounce, and offset. Keep in mind that there is a +/- 1 degree tolerance on all of the specs, which is the industry standard. Unless you select the "zero tolerance loft & lie" premium assembly option, in which case we will check and adjust (if necessary) the loft & lie of each club to make sure it is exactly to spec.

    And yes we can bend the clubs 2 degrees flat, if you would like that then select the zero tolerance option that I mentioned above and then include a comment at checkout or send us an email after you place the order indicating that you would like them all 2 degrees flat rather than standard.

  • If my floor to wrist measurement is 34 inch how long will the need to be??

    A 34" wrist to floor measurement is pretty spot on for standard length, as long as you're in the height range of about 5'8" to 6'0" tall.

  • I use a golf pride jumbo cp2 Wrap grip on my clubs ,can I get them on these clubs?

    Yes we can put those on the clubs, you would just need to pay the difference in price to upgrade to those grips. The Jumbo CP2 would cost an additional $8/ea, as you're probably aware they are fairly expensive grips. But it would still probably be cheaper to have us put them on for you, rather than you having to buy the grips yourself at full price and either install them yourself or pay to have them installed. Or if you happen to already have the grips, we can just leave the grips off and deduct $1/club.

  • I hit my 7 iron the best and it’s a regular club size for 7 iron. I am 5’8 without shoes but your guide suggest I go 1/2 inch shorter of a shaft. What do you suggest?

    The length recommendations on our website are there to help people who don't really know what they need. But if you like your current 7 iron and you're sure that it is standard length, then by all means order standard length if that's what works for you.

  • Is there customs duty to Republic of Ireland? And if so is it organised by you? Also, are your fairways and driver the same length as the irons

    Any  time we ship outside the USA there's a possibility of having to pay customs duties when it arrives at the destination. But that is something completely out of our control, it would be handled between the customer and the local customs department upon receipt. There is no way of knowing in advance what the duty fees will be, it would depend on what value is assessed to the item when it is processed by customs.  

    As for the single length woods, no they are not the same length as the irons. All of the single length woods are made to the length of a 5 wood. 

  • Have your 7 through A wedge. Would like to add the 5 and6 iron

    We don't have individual irons listed on our website, but they are definitely available. To purchase those you would just need to give us a call at 858-859-8330 and place the order over the phone.

  • There is only one choice for grip size - standard. Can I not get thicker grips?

    If you select the Tour Wrap grips then they are only available in standard size. If you select the Tour Velvet, those grips are available in Standard, Midsize, or Jumbo.

  • Do you trade in England?

    We can ship to the UK, in fact we've sent many sets there. But we don't have a location in the UK where you can order from, you would need to order the clubs on our website and have them shipped to you.

  • Graphite shaft?

    You can choose graphite shafts if you want, after you select the set configuration it'll give you the option to select whatever shafts you want. We have several different steel and graphite options.

  • Hi. Can these be supplied in a 8 iron length?

    Yes they can, you would just select -1/2" for the length which would put them a the length of a standard 8 iron.

    But please note, the heads are made with the weight and lie angle of a 7-iron, so making them them the length of an 8-iron won't make them feel and set up like a true 8 iron but rather a short 7-iron. If you want them to all feel and swing like an 8-iron we would need to add 8g of weight to each head, and also bend the lie angle of each head up one degree.

    That can certainly be done for an extra could of dollars per club, but an order like that would need to be placed by calling our customer service at 858-859-8330 to place the order via phone.

  • I want midsized grips

    You can get midsize grips, you just need to select that when you configure the set on our site before placing your order.


    To answer that question I should give you a litlte bit of info on how golf shafts are made. Every shaft - both steel and graphite - has a "spine" (sometimes 2 spines) which is a byproduct of how they are manufactured, and that spine is the stiffest point on the shaft where it will have the least amount of flex. If you try to bend a shaft where the spine is, it's going to feel much stiffer than if you try to bend it on any other plane of the shaft where you're not bending the spine. Naturally, where that spine is located when it is installed in the club is going to affect how that club feels and flexes when you swing it. 

    Spine alignment is a process where we take each individual shaft, put it into a tool that locates the "spine" of the shaft, then the spine is marked and the shafts are installed with the spine in the same position in every club. That gives the set a much more cosistent feel and more consistent performance throughout the set. Since the main goal of a single length iron set is to make your swing more consistent throughout the entire set, it's a highly recommended option!

  • I'm 5'9" with shoes on. Standard length clubs??

    Yes, if you are 5'9" you would typically use standard length. But it's hard to fit you exactly over the internet since we can't look at your stance or take any measurements, so all we can do is give you guidelines of what lengths tend to fit what range of heights. Your arm length and your posture also play a part in the shaft length, so for example if you have really long arms and/or tend to be more hunched over at address then you may want to go with -1/2". Or if you have shorter arms or tend to be more upright at address, then a slightly longer shaft may work better.

  • what is the shaft length for someone 5' to 5' 3"? At -1" does that make the irons about 35"?

    A standard set is made to typical 7-iron length which is 37", so at -1" the entire set would be 36".

  • How can I know the specification of shaft? I will order later after knowing the character of each shaft.

    When you select any of the shafts in the list, you'll see info appear below your selection with a photo of that shaft as well as the weight and ball flight characteristics.

  • What is the swing weight of these irons ?

    The swingweight will depend on a variety of factors such as shaft selection, shaft length, and grip selection. Generally speaking, at standard length with a standard size grip, a steel shafted set will have a swingweight of around D2 while a graphite shafted set will be around D0.

  • Can the irons be changed in their lie? More upright?

    Yes, these clubs can be bent up to 2° up/down. To request a lie angle adjustment you would first need to select the "zero tolerance loft & lie" option at the bottom of the page, and when you do that you'll see an option appear for you to select your desired lie angle.

  • What is the length of your irons at 1/2. Inch short

    Standard length is 37", which is tradtional 7-iron length, so at -1/2" short they would be 36.5".

  • What is shaft spine alignment, zero tolerance loft & lie do for the club

    If you click on the small (?) icon next to where it says "Premium Assembly Option" it will give you a detailed explanation of each of those options. If you have any further questions that aren't answered by the explanations, please let us know and we'd be happy to explain in greater detail.

  • Is there a shipping charge or shipping free?

    It depends on the order total and where the order is shipping. You can view our shipping policies page for details on shipping amounts and free shipping thresholds based on where they're being shipped.

  • Is the 4 you show a hybrid or is there also a regular 4 iron?

    We have both available, and you can choose whichever one you want. Under the set configuration dropdown menu you can either select 4-PW (which would be a 4 iron), or #4 Hybrid + 5-PW (which would obviously be a 4 hybrid).

  • Are your irons all set to a 7 iron length ?

    Yes, the standard length is that of a traditional 7-iron. We recommend you get them made at whatever length clubs you normally play, so that way they will be the same length as your current 7-iron (i.e. if you play +1/2" over standard length, then you would also want to order these at +1/2" long).

  • Where are they made, what Country.

    The components themselves (heads, shafts, grips, ferrules) are made in various different countries. But they are assembled/built here in the USA.

  • Is there any refund- money back guarantee?

    Yes, we do allow returns within 30 days. You can view the full details of our return policy here:

  • Are the wedges the same length as the 7-iron?

    Yes, everything in the entire set - including the wedges - is made to the same length.

  • What was the question about 62.5 , flat or upright

    That option allows you to change the lie angle, up to +/-2° upright or flat, from the standard lie of 62.5°. If you haven't been fitted for lie angle, then we recommend leaving that at standard. And then after playing with them for a while, if you feel the lie angle isn't quite right you can take them to a local fitter to have the lie checked/adjusted.

  • How many clubs and what are they for the price of $ 299.99. Does it come w/ the bag and head covers?

    The base price is for 7 clubs, but since everything is custom made to order the final price will depend on how you configure the set. You're able to choose your set configuration, shaft type, shaft flex, club length, and grips. As you go through the different options you'll be able to see the prices for the different options. 

    As for head covers or a bag, we do not sell any accessories like that. We just sell the clubs.

  • Senior shafts available?

    All of the shafts that we offer are available in senior flex. You would first need to select the shaft that you want from the drop-down menu for shaft selection, and then below that select senior for the shaft flex.

  • Do you have driver and 3 wood?

    We sure do! The drivers can be found by clicking on the menu tab that says "Single Length Drivers", and the fairway woods are under the tab which says "Single Length Woods".

  • I wish graphite shafts were available for us senior golfers.

    Graphite shafts absolutely are available! You just need to click on the dropdown menu for shaft selection and choose one of the graphite shafts, which are all towards the bottom of the list.

  • The wedges are the same as the 5 iron?

    Yes, everything in the entire set is the same length. The purpose of that is to have one single swing for everything, all the way from a 4 iron down to a LW. Many people also opt to keep a traditional length wedge in their bag for things like chipping around the green, greenside bunker shots, things like that. Or, you could just choke down about 2" on any of the wedges in the set to get a shorter shaft length for those types of shots.

  • What is the restocking fee if I should decide to return after 30 days. Thanks

    If the clubs are brand new and ununsed, there would be a 15% restocking fee. If the clubs have been used then there is a 30% restocking fee. You can view the full deatils of our return policy here:

  • Can they be lengthened +1.5”? Can you get 6-PW?

    Yes they can be lengthened +1.5", you just need to select that length under the "shaft length" option. 

    And the minimum number of clubs for a set is 7 irons, and 6-PW is just 5 clubs. We could do a custom order for 5 clubs via phone, but you do pay more per club when ordering fewer than 7 clubs.

  • What size shaft tip do your irons use? .355 or .370?

    All of our heads use .370" shafts. But there is no difference between a .355" or .370" shaft other than the bottom 1/8" of the tip where it recudes in size from 0.370" to 0.355'. The 0.355" shafts are primarly used large manufacturers to speed up assembly since they come pre-trimmed for each club, and they are also self-centering which makes installation easier.

  • Is there a return policy?

    You can view the full details of our return policy here:

  • Weight of clubs

    The weights of the heads are listed on the product page under the "Specifications" tab. As for the weight of the shafts, as you select each shaft you can click on the (?) icon next to the shaft name to view the weight and ball flight profile.

  • What is the standard length on the irons

    The standard length is 37"